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Coast to Coast Closings wants to keep you safe from fraud.


By using CertifID, you help protect the transfer of your money.


Coast to Coast Closings has adopted CertifID to protect buyers and sellers from falling victim to wire fraud. This new technology allows secure sharing of wire information. Backed by a $1 million dollar guarantee, so there’s no longer any need to worry about money landing in the wrong account. Providing customers with the peace of mind they deserve when completing their closing

I'm a home buyer and received an email from CertifID. What now?

Congratulations, the Coast to Coast Closings wants to make sure your funds arrive safely. Review the details of the email, follow the prompts to verify your personal details, and securely access the wiring information for your transaction. These instructions will NOT change. Only use these instructions to send your wire transfer.

How do I send a wire transfer?

CertifID provides a secure way for you to receive the instructions you need to complete a wire transfer. You'll still need to log into your banking software or head to a local branch to complete the transfer. For more details, check out our guide below.

How To Wire Money for Closing

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